Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday \:D/

~ To Dad with love

A Few days ago, i sat back and thought.
24th- My dad's birthday!!!!! , what do i get him?
i usually get him a card but this time, i thought i'd do something different!!!!
so i decided - Why not something with my new found talent :P

Thats why i'm sitting here with my ViM editor (haven't downloaded darkroom yet) ready to write something about my dad
Here it goes.

Hey dad. This is for you. My dedication to you. My thoughts about you. It just - YOU.

lets rewind in time for the start of this.

11th December, 1988 - The day he was married to my mom. He was a happy man
19th March , 1990 - The day when i was born. He was in the US. But believe me he was a happy man.

From then on he raised me. Like i was supposed to be raised. Like i was raised. In the best way possible.
He used to hold me in his arms. Play with me. Kiss me. Throw me and catch me. But there were the times
when he took care of me like i've never been taken care of - When i was ill. He has had sleepless nights,
troubled days at office. Just writing about them brings tears to my eyes. He was and is what i always looked
forward to in a dad. And then i started growing up. The days were fun. It truly was. I absolutely loved it and
still love it when he's beside me. When we do ANYTHING together. Be it tieing wires at the back of the TV;
getting shouted at him for the same, Trying to do something , doing the other and getting shouted. I mean
shoutings are a part of life and i accept that. If not him who will?

He's what a dad should be.

1 thing i always admire in him - He knows what to do when.
He knows when he should shout at me, when to wish me, for
all i know, he never has made me feel devoid of one thing,
an 'All the best' too he never forgets.

We've had our share of bad times too.

Come on. Its not like the world is always bright, a part of it
stays dark, a part of it unknown. Its the same with us - We really
do understand each other but we've fought - A LOT. We usually don't
think eye to eye on everything and thats the usual cause for our
fights. and avathu nim kannale neer barsidheke i will always be
sorry for the rest of my life. Remember that sin you told me i will
carry to my grave? well dad, the list has got a new entry. Neema
kann neeru. i Felt useless that day. Felt helpless. Felt that i
betrayed everything that made us father and son. In a word i felt
DEAD. And that day i decided - I will make you proud. I will make
YOU come up to me and say "i'm proud of you." Well i know that it
probably the time is not now, but believe in me dad. I WILL.

He's a role model, an asset, a fire, the light. In a word - Everything.
He inspires me to go on.
He motivates me to raise my bar
He pushes me cause he knows i can be pushed
He knows where to stop
He holds my hand when i am trying to go thro the toughest of roads
-My perfect ROLE MODEL.

I can talk about him for centuries to my friends
I can boast about him
I can wish anything with him
I can ask him for anything
I can believe that he'll always be with me
- My perfect ASSET.

He lights a fire in me to move forward.
He lights a fire in me to achieve more.
He lights a fire in me to push myself.
He lights a fire in me to ask myself if the place where i'm standing is enough for me.
He lights a fire of inquisition.
He lights a fire in me to love what i do.
- My perfect Fire

He knows what is right for me
He knows better what is wrong
He knows how to show the path
He knows how to talk.
He knows best.
He knows all of me.
- My perfect light

But all in all , Theres one thing that makes him very special. That he's my dad.
My DAD and mine only.

To the best dad in the world,
Happy birthday.

I love you dad. You're my source of greatest support. And will always be.

PS: Hope my 'New found' talent made you happy.

The blog is all yours to read. I was waiting for this day...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Boithday Gmail

It may be late.. But anyways :) Better late than never

Gmail you've helped me so much and i'll never ever forget you

Thanku Gmail kun :D :D