Thursday, April 7, 2011


If i may quote one of the most influential fictional characters - Neo.. he said "Everything that has a beginning has an end."

When we begin . We start gathering knowledge . We start to understand the world around us . We form a personality . We stick to that personality . That what makes us Us.

My personality, well thats for me to keep.

There are always people in this world that compliment you . That compliment your personality . We call them friends . We call them best friends . We DONT call them colleagues.

But there comes a certain point of time in everyone's life where their personality is questioned . Some people choose to give in to this massive change .

But i dont believe in that .

I believe that we have spent almost well a lifetime being who we are , becoming personalized , if you may . we need to stick to that .

In geek terms , Would you like your .vimrc file to be lost ? You'd kill yourself ey?

Coming back .. A few changes yes , acceptable . Simply because i also believe that change is a constant process.

Sometimes .. We're just wrong , and we need to change what is wrong with us.

I'm writing this today because i was going thro my pictures and found this:

There is one other person who will share my feeling as i write this post. Right Mr. A14?

Imagine that there were 2 people , close great friends . And then , Enter 3rd person . SO "3" (as we will call this person) completed our 'circle'

Times were always fun with 3 around . All those Pani Puri eat outs . All those terrace conversation and the Behind B block conversations .

There was something about 3 that just got us all \^o^/ and all excited for the smallest of things in the universe :) I still remember the time when we were laughing our asses off for no reason till when we had tears in our eyes.

But then along came person 0 . Person 0 put forth the question to 3's personality .

Sadly , very sadly .. 3 gave in . 3 changed.

No jumps
No bursts of happiness
No Yay
No Hurray
No big smiles
No pani puri's
well , in the end .. no 3 .

0 changed 3 completely :( And i do hope that 3 is happy .

This post is dedicated to all the good times that me, A14 and 3 had .

I do hope that once more , we get to re-live those experiences.

Dear 3,
I had some of the best times in my life with you and i really wish you hadn't given in to the change , but like i said earlier "Everything that has a beginning, must have an end".

I dont wish bad for you. Never shall I. But i really do hope you're happy with 0.
Sincerely yours,
me + A14.

I really did expect that from the 2 parts of the egg , both would remain great friends . Alas 1 down.

ps: Its your birthday 2 days from now , I know i wont be 'allowed' to wish you so heres wishing you a happy birthday .

Will always love you,

Thanks & Regards,