Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1 Egg, 2 Best Friends - Part 1.

I still remember that day when i met Preethi. It was sometime in the night say around 7:30 ~ 8:00 ish and she walked towards us wearing i think a black/white stiped tee and said - 'Hi' and smiled :) Then, Just then i knew that there was that somethin in her that'd push us a long way in time. Pree, as i now call her, and i started hanging out a lot from then on. We have these 'Conferences' and we got to knowing each other better. I will always remember that night when we spoke i guess from 12:30 to about 3:00 in the morning. I told my whole story and so did she. We began to trust in each other. We began to believe in each other. We began our journey not as friends, but something more than that - We were on our path towards Best Friends. Pree is totally a one of a kind person and she's probably one of my most cherished people. I know that if i have a problem, i can call her (i hope she attends it though) and i'm even more sure that if i need some comforting, She's there for me. To lend a shoulder and to tell me everything's going to be ok. She's there to make me laugh with her super mokkai's and with her stories about thaiyr saadham (psst you know right.) She's there to get lost with me considering that the two of us have an absolute ZERO sense of direction. Theres only 1 thing that pops into anybody's head when they talk about pree - She's a BURST of happyness and Joy. Wherever she goes, she makes it a point that she leaves everybody happy and with a smile. Even if it is going to cost her her own smile.

There is one small thing that i want to tell Pree today - Dont ever ever ever think of yourself as someone who is at a lower level to that of another person yaar, cause you've done things that many people wouldn't even want to do. You're a person who can stand her ground. And dont worry, if you can't just look to your side and we'll be there for you Pree, throughout your life yaar. Cause what we share is something that can't be measured. Something that can't be compared. Something that can't end until time does so itself. It is something that in a word i can say is - 'Eternal'

ps: I'm sorry Pree (i bet she knows why) it wont happen ever again yaar. This was pending for such a long time. I just thought i'd finish it up today and show you how much you mean to me pree :D

Love you Yaar.

Frands Forever re :D

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