Monday, June 21, 2010

A terribute

 Part 1

Today, i feel like writing this (i hope) 2 part series on a tribute that i want to give to a certain friend of mine. He's already been introduced and i dont really know what i will be able to do not knowing that in just a couple of days i will not be breathing the air with the same composition as him.

He's the second friend that i had when i started college but the first one i truly opened up to. I even remember, i was leaving to bengaluru after becoming friends with him, and i texted him a goodbye for now and said "I enjoy your company mate, hope we can be friends" and he said "Me too!!! (mind you, 3 exclamations) You're a really nice guy and  a real good help during class", i looked at that and laughed and didnt know then that it was the beginning of truly one of the best friendships of my life

I've never felt wierd around this guy.
I've never felt out of place
I've never felt that i couldnt share
I've never felt that i wanted to keep something from him
I've never felt that i want to stop listening to him
I've never felt any of the things that i thought i'd feel when i saw him
I've never felt less challenged around him
I've never felt that he's left me alone
I've never felt that me and him were never born on the same continent
I've never felt that we never shared a time zone
I've never felt that he's elder to me (bah, who cares)
I've never felt that we dont share faith
I've never not liked his music, though i say so
I've never not enjoyed his useless renditions of normal conversations .. Music'd
I've never ..

I've always felt we had a connection
I've always felt that i could be myself around him
I've always felt that i could tell him any crap though he'd close his ear
I've always felt inspired
I've always felt motivated
I've always felt challenged
I've always felt protected during the "ragging" hoaxes
I've always enjoyed his useless jokes , and yes i get them 10 minutes later
I've always hated his style of code
I've always loved his way of thinking
I've always admired his patience
I've always been calmed
I've always..

I'm sure you know who you are.

And if you readers dont know who i'm talking about .. Buzz off, you dont even know me then ! o_O

No matter how much you hate me for not giving the ball to him. "I Caught It!"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Google Command Line

Woohoo ! :D

I posted this using command line utility Googlecl.

Uber awesome. No more going all the way to blogger to post. Write on Q10, Post via googlecl ! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

End, of a fucking age

I've told this to you before, and i'm telling this to you again - "Dont die"

We met about two and a half years ago. Back then, lets face it - we were each other's way to pass of time. But today .. when i'ma see you go into those doors and a stoopid baricade keeps me from bumpin wrists , i come to realize something.

These three years have hands down been the best years of my life. I've had the most fun in my life in these 3 years. Be it me yelling at you for a event or you saying the dreaded "dont piss me off now" , theres always been something that told me that we're a good team.

we're a darned good team i say. A darned good one.

All these 3 years we lied to the department to get out of class, didnt submit assignments (oh well, that was just me), bunked classes (which was followed by me calling my dad), won competitions, mauled some arse in cs .. i now see a pattern .. in all those things we did, there was a "we"

we hate each other - true.
we despise each other - true.

but i'm glad its we.

and now .. i dont want to say it .. but for both me and you, its going to be I

I conned the google dudes.
I got my first piece of code into the SAP erp software
I made a video
I learnt a new language
I got featured by cuso
I made a kernel

why ?

I dont like I
in fact, i prefer We

let me say something ..

I dont care if you're @ google
I dont care if you come up with 1000 new concepts
I dont care if i become a coding god
I dont care if you get featured
I dont care if i build an os
I dont care
I dont
We will live
We will build an os
We will get featured
We will come up with 1000 new concepts
We will make T2 designs what its supposed to be
We will make I into We because I stands alone, but We has a companion.

I really dont know what i'm trying to say here . Lets just say i'm Low. Not high, Low.

I guess what i'm really trying to say is ..

I'll miss you.
Now get lost and do your job.

Dont you dare forget me. Dont you dare forget the promise. Dont you dare forget T2.

Dont you dare
think that its the end of a fucking age.

because its like our mahan SRK says "Picture abhi bhaki hai mere dost!"

Go to google.
have fun.
become HR
do what needs to be done

just dont forget,

the fun times
Medu vada dude
Department of computer science
A walk to remember
Vivel Videsh Vijesh Vivizi or Vivek
or me
the cons
the pranks
the jokes
the memories
the classrooms
the cards

just dont.

*Music plays*

We may live Km's apart

But I will be We
and thats how its meant to be.

Alfred Jerome Lazarus, googler,
Bye for now.