Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tribute to a Friendiot !

Hey. Hi. Honestly, i dont know why i started writing this, i dont know what to write, but for an idiot like you .. i just felt like this would be the perfect gift.

So — Happyie Boithday you ! :)

Let me start off from when we started off.

Shit! I wish i remembered the date. The date when we started talking back at school. I really wish i did. Honestly .. i didnt know then that i would be writing this for you. Gosh!

But wait, i have a comeback .. i do remember when we started getting close. :D Yay !

It was the 14th of January 2009. I still remember me dwindling on 10 Rs which i had saved up to surprise you and you telling me that you didnt have time to talk but we ended up talking till 12:45 :P Idiot.

From then on, in 1 year down the line — 14th Jan 2010 , I dont regret having saved up that 10 Bucks, i dont regret talking to you for those 45 minutes, i dont regret pausing a game that i was playing then, i dont regret anything that comes to you .. Because i just enjoyed every moment that i spent with you , be it over the phone or in person (which i realize is really less :P)

And dont be an idiot and think that you have to repay me and all, cause honestly you dont have to. Thats what friends are for. If you STILL want to, then i'll just ask you for 1 thing - I am pretty sure that down the line i will make some stoopid mistake and i just ask of you to forgib that mistake that i make because i'm sure that i didnt mean to hurt you .. i would never mean to do that. So now that thats settled , lets move on :D

Hi ! :D

God, i'm starting all over again aren't i :P Well, i did warn you that i had nothing in my mind to begin with :P

I can just completely tell you all that you are in 1 word — "An idiot" , oh well, that is 2 words but technically an article isnt counted as a word (right?) :P An idiot is who you are.
"You thought you could handle this world single handedly - idiot.
You thought that you didnt need anyone's love - idiot.
You thought that no one could read you - Bigger idiot.
You thought you could lay down and stare into the skies all by yourself - idiot.
You thought that the sky was the most beautifulest thing - idiot."

See what i mean ? Idiot is the perfect word for you da :) And well, it does suit me too ^__^ We're like the Friendiots ( Friends + Idiots )

A couple of months back , Meow and i were talking and she asked me who are the 10 most important people to me in this world .. On 13th January 2009, you honestly werent there.. But ever since then , you idiot have been competeing heavily for the top spot :P

I really dont know how to express this da, but to this day, i've felt this sort of a connection with very less people. Somehow , just seeing 1 message from you saying "Oi idiot !" or "Hey dear!" just bursts my :| into a :) in like a few seconds :D Well, i guess thats how friendiots are ey :D

Am i bugging you da ? o.O I really didnt plan this out , so i'm just writing what comes to my heart ..

Something in me just tells me that we'll be friends for a really long time, oh i'm sorry — Friendiots for a long long time :D Dont ask me why .. Dont ask me how .. But something just tells me. I just hope i'm not wrong .. Because honestly i dont know what i'd do without you idiot. You has become like a very important part of me life now .. Speaking in your terms , like my "scapula", which is if i'm right, the shoulder blade thingie :)

Take care and just be yourself da .. Thats more than enough :) Dont try to be someone cause people ask you to.. Be who you were meant to be.. Be the one that you want to be..

Just be..


Love you loads idiot.
Hope we stay friendiots forever and ever.
Happy Birthday abizu.