Monday, May 23, 2011

The big ugly "gets-work-done" guy

Right now, i sit in one of the most corrupt offices in the city . Which city? every single one of them in India .

Let me tell you 1 simple fact about how stupid i am . I lost my wallet , A couple of months ago . With it went woooosh my:

1. Pan Card
2. License
3. Landmark fellowship card .. You may ask why this is so important ? well because the card's number was 000001 :)
4. 2k
5. memories

Now , i need a license , i wish to drive a car , a swift or an i10 , but that isn't important . The base point - I need a license .

Dad made a couple of calls .

the R T O , the Regional Transport Office.

People around me , all waiting , all sitting on the slab that i am sitting on . Like one of my friends quoted , there is no distinction between us people sitting on the slab . The real distinction is not physical . The real distinction is more of how we came to sit on this same slab .

I came, and i will accept, through what they call a 'broker'. Which is just a glorified way of calling a peon . A person who can get things done .

Do i feel guilty ? Yes , as hell . Why ? Because i'm just another pawn in this corrupt society, feeding the demon that is corruption . A big , black thing with no physical form , much like goop or a swampy creature with big red eyes of temptation is how i picture this Corruption .

Its not a concept anymore . Its something . A 'thing' that has an identity . A thing that we feed . A thing that we breed .

I just went into an office . This is the office of the P.A to the RTO, (RTO meaning the Regional Transport Officer) and lied to him . Told him that i can possibly only get 1 day(s) of leave from my office and asked him if he could sign the re-issue papers . He looked at me , he looked at the 'broker' and slyly said that he couldn't do it and that we had to wait for the RTO as such . He continued on and told me to go , and sent the broker soon after . I wonder .

While all of us are stuck waiting in never ending lines , these people - the 'brokers' dont have such a line , they have "another" line . I wonder .

There are a lot of things i wonder about , and one such thing ISN'T corruption . Because there really isn't anything to wonder about, is there?:
You pay , they give . You pay more , they give sooner . You pay even more , you dont even need it . C'est la vie . 
Considering the way things are moving here, there is one little proverb that i have always admired that needs an addition .
Blood is thicker than water ?
Money is thicker than blood . 
OK , things are done now . Heres what happened:

After i met the PA , i waited for some more time and then went and met the RTO dude himself, directly . Lied to him that i had only 1 day(s) leave and then he lectured me about how HE had to wait 10 days in line to get admission into a school for his son . But hell! I guess he had been successful in that adventure . He signed the papers and the major hurdle was crossed . The rest was supposed to be , as our thalaivar, Mr. Rajini Sir would say: "jujubi"

Following that, I came out and waited in line to get my picture taken . Then started the ordeal . I sat to be photographed 3 times and kept getting sent back because:
It was a duplication request and not a fresh license or a renewal and hence i had to get some more signatures
There was no bill attached for the amount paid , i had to come over and get the bill
The name on the bill was Mukesh and lets face it , i am neither the great singer or a "really really" fat dude. 
So with all these things taken care of , i approached the chair like it was a throne that i had to earn my place on and asked the dude before sitting . "Anna, should i sit or do i need to run around some more?" . He laughed and said "Thambi , no payan (pain) no gayan (gain)" . That gave me the laugh i needed for the picture .

Ok, yes i'm English-ist . Its a beautiful language and needs to be resspected .

Anyway, back to the topic. So after all these miniscule things , i came out of the Picture room (as they all call it) triumphant . My DL will be delivered at most by tomorrow .
P = 1 .
So i guess what i'm trying to say is this:
Do you know the PM? I know someone better .
Do you stand in line from 5 in the morning ? I know someone better .
Do you skip lunch and breakfast because you need to get your passport renewed ? I know someone better . 
This is the same case with all of us . Poor souls who dont know the 'someone better' will suffer because we KNOW the 'someone better' or better put , because we can AFFORD the 'someone better'


People will believe that change in this kind of a place is not possible . They will go forth to believe that this is our life .

These kinds of things are FOOD to that goopy swampy creature. I know that a creature that is so big cannot be easily conqured . But lets take small steps , tiny ones .

Let start by poking it , then lets take the bigger weapons . Burn it and hopefully slay it .

Its not something that we can do within a day . Not something that can be done in a year or even in 10 years .

But lets at least start doing something about it so that maybe , just maybe our grand grand grand grand kids can live a life where truly "No pain, No gain"


You may ask me 1 simple question , why all talk when you are giving food to that creature ?

I tell you from the bottom of my heart today , i will give my share of pokes to this creature . I shall try to not give these peons money and get my things done .

Because there is nothing in this world that matches hardwork .


I might have won this war . But things will come back .

What goes around , comes around .
What has a beginning , must end .
what is a corrupt country , can cease to be one .


I'm back home , and i'm hungry as fuck . I need my food .


Signing off .