Monday, February 2, 2009

But First.

I completely forgot to tell you all about me.

Name : Shrayas.R (pronounced shh-ray-es)
Age : 18
DOB : March 19th 1990
Occupation : Student
Hobbies : Programming, Adventure, Travelling,
Listening to music,Watching Movies, Teasing
Vivek (you'll come to know who he is in
sometime), Brainstorming
Interests : Computer, Computer, Computer
Catchphrase : "Life is a Game"
"It ain't over till its over"
"Glass always half full"
About me : I'm basically the average Joe (but with the
name shrayas) who likes his space and
demands reason :P. I love sitting with my
computer all day. Chocolates - Oh my i love
them and i Love anything that meow's too :D

I'll keep updating this page. So stay tuned :)

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