Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friends. (PART 1 of MANY TO COME)

I'll Go in ascending order people (No Offense) :)

1. Alfred Jerome Lazarus
*shrugs* eww i just hate even typing it. Lol, Alfy as i call him can be described in 2 words - "Mortal Enemy". Gee i've erased whatever i've written 3 times already. How tough is it to pen down a few words about this assh**e ? Ah well, There is it. He's an Assh**e to begin with and one of the few people i respect in this world for his speaking skills (Apart from my Dad & Al Gore). He's MIND BLASTING when it comes to convincing people (ya ya that includes me too sometimes) but still :) its fun with him around (Though most of those times i want him dead XD). He's this person who is very reserved and won't speak out anything until he's either hit in the balls 200 times (i doubt it even then though) or he trusts someone. He's all in all a great friend and i always shall look forward to remaining his friend and 'bro' forever. Btw did i mention ? He's NOT my wingman XD XD i'd be INSULTED with a wingman like him :P (he knows why - Assh**e)

2. Andrew Do-Me-Quick Clarmaaaaaa
Firstly ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL. Another one of me good friends - Andrew or DOG as we chellama call him :P is like a walking book of facts who'll have AT LEAST 1 story to share with you EVERYTIME you see him :D He Lives in Butt Road err and No his butt ain't good :P This fellow is so thin that when he wears a pair of Jeans, It Looks like a Jeans put on a scarecrow thats stationed outside one of these construction yards :D :D A great friend and very willing-to-treat (not u see why he's a 'great friend' ?? ) Lol Lol ! I was kidding there man so chill :) you are a great friend...........NOT! hehe was kidding there too.........................NOT! hehe, ok i'll stop now :) Hanging out with this guy yu can be injurious to health. We used to make a common error in out english , instead of saying "Videsh and I" we used to say "Vivek and Me" and this guy used to correct us ALL THE TIME which obviously was followed by a *doosh* from either me or Alfy :) but i should accept. He did Improve our English and Now i don't say ... And me i always say ... and I :) Got A Lot to learn from him and shall never forget you man. You've been a great person an a greater friend. Good Luck with everyting :D

3. BNT
I still remember that class - English Thro Media, Prof. Victor, 1st Year. This man comes up in front of the class and says - "My Name Is Bharat N Tejashighani and you can call me B N T in Short". My Honest First impression - "WHAT An As**ole." He was so lifeless and boring and so so so so so boring that i simply wondered why is he even wasting his time here ? But my views were completely wrong. He is a great fellow and one of my superb-est friends. He's my personal 'punching bag' \^_^/ and thats how i always greet him - "Hey Bharath *doosh* !!! ." Let me give you a little secret on This guy, He WAS in BASE 4 before his Girl Broke up with him. ehehehehehe. To Look he's like the psychopath who's just got out of the asylum but believe me this person is a true living example of how "Looks can be deceving." An awesome writer and the editor of the college newsletter - The Paragons too. No one till NOW has an idea as to why he calls VIVEK as VIDESH not even him i guess :D This man too comes with a statutory warning which is as below

"Needs Decoding. Proceed only if you know the Language of BNT"

So People. I'll stop with 3 for my first part and continue the rest in the other Parts :)

Keep your pants on till then :D

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