Thursday, February 12, 2009

FRIENDS ( Part 2 of 'n' Parts)

OK... so where was i? err ya... Part 2 right ? :P

So next in line is:

4.TOM ah, err, sorry - JERRY
He's the Creative Head of our "Creed" and a maestro in using Flash. He's like the illayaraja of Flash :D .Ok ok, enough of praising you , Finish the swf i asked you to! Ha Ha :) He's the Creed's KD and a very big one at that too. Err oops i guess i forgot 1 letter in that :P (He's already staring at me now) He's the creed's kId :D :D and a very big one at that. He is a very softspoken and a very sensitive person at heart and a very fun person to hang out with. This guy was the first person i connected with at college. I still remember, it was Computer Science Lab and i was to sit beside him ( He was roll no. 25 and i was 24 ). To sum up this guy i'd just say - "A Sensitive person with a bomb of creativity inside him waiting to burst". you were the first person i connected with in loyola and that will always be something special to me :) Hope to be your friend forever man :D Keep 'Flashing'

5. Sensei.
To me she was like the aurora at the poles. Something that is beautiful and so elegant, but only for a short period of time. A true friend who is as stubborn as the person in serial no 1 when it comes to sharing things :D A great artist and an awesome singer. She's the one that gave me my present nick name that i've so got used to and the story behind it is so funny. She thought my name was too long and so she cut short to just the first letter - 'S' and then did what she always does - 'Add a Kun' ergo 'S Kun' - The name of my flash drive and my online nickie ever since i met her. She's one heck of a Choc Maniac!! She was one of the people that i connected instantly and she's the only person in this world that i'd refer to as sensei. 1 Thing i'd like to say to her now - "Thanks for being there when i needed you :)" and i hope i was a nice friend to you. Please forgive me if i did anything wrong and have hurt you. cause i never intended to and will never. :) Always be the Jumpy Girl i knew and i tell ya, he loves you a lot.

6. Nish Nish, Come on lets make a wish :P
The First Girl that i connected with at college. Nisha, or Nish as we call her is a very 'shy' and 'to-herself' girl. I clearly remember that i didn't talk to her for sometime. How i wish that i could just rewind time and not be as stupid as i was. *psst* she was the first person whom i discussed my idea of a 'ladies-jean-zip' with :P She knows what i'm talking about, right Nish? Our bonding was one that literally happened overnight. na? I clearly remember i was playing 'halo' and texing her at the same time. haha Those were the days. Then we'd meet in the English class the next day and have a blast. Those behind the back rating of guys and girls we had in the breaks. Those "a friend doesn't allow another friend to take his/her money out" lines which like 60% of the time ended in her giving me a 10 bucker with which i'd gladly gobble down the Crunchy ^___^ wheeee. I'll never forget all the great memories that we've had together nish and i'm always there for you when you want me da :D Always and Always your friend.

7. Sanozi San (OR) Mr. i-hate-to-comb-my-hair
haha! Sanozi san or SAM as he is better known is one of my Best Bud's. A terribly anti social guy but when you get to know him, you just can't wait to just be around this guy, He Keeps the air around you so light and always filled with laughter. Sam here has many 'Modes'.

1. The "UNIX/LINUX" mode : you can only listen to "Open Suse this" "Kubuntu that" "Plan 9 this" "KDE 4.12 that"

2. The "eyaaa" mode : This is sam's trade mark. He keeps his hand over his mouth and goes eeeyyyaaaa. Thats the basic exclamation to something that he isn't expecting. If its something that is WAY beyond his expectations, He eyyaaa's like 4-5 times in the same posture

3. The "Artist" mode : Once in a while this huge i-want-to-become-a-manga-artist wind sweeps him off his feet and for 2 days continuously all you can find him doing is drawing. And the sound he gives when he's explaing something when he is in this mode is - "Kuchu Kuchu" :D

4. The ._. Mode : Somedays he's just switches off and doesn't say a word thro the hour or sometimes in the worst cases, the whole day. This is like the CON in all of sanozi san's modes

5. The Samsphere mode : This is his 'BANKAI' mode. He starts of giving wierd sentences and giving meaning to really wierd things and actually starts talking sense but in an un-sense-full way :) A very quick example is that according to him. Any word that we use as a substitute for a slang has the exact same weightage as the slang itself. If the word Fish is used instead of Fcuk and one says "What the Fish", Accoding to this great man, Fish = Fcuk at that instant and hence is given the exact same weightage. And hence if someone comes up to you and says that you are a son of a B.....asket ball player. The words 'Basket ball player' are the alias for 'biyatch' and hence you can beat him up \^____^/

Ps : The "Ergo" is something that sam is most famous for. The word - Ergo that also means "and hence" or "in reason of" or "of the cause" ; The real and actual meaning to this word is still under investigation and i will post up the results soon enough. :D :D

Thats it for now. Its almost 2:30 and this is as much as i could write with one eye closed so i guss this edition ends here and i will continue to post up. Sooner or later.

Till then Keep checking.


  1. lol...u are crazy!!!!well...i guess the ._. mode of me is quite scary huh...en what ladies-jean-zip...i wanna know too!!!yea,u my best bud too mate...oh en don't 4get to say u en alfy are always playing me with those magic tricks of urs....some day i shall explain the magic behind the magic....

  2. oh en the elot thingy....never mind that :)

  3. elot read backwards is tole ! i know that dog :D


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