Monday, February 2, 2009

My blog.

Ladies & Gentlemen! A wonderful day/evening/night to all you people reading my blog. A few days ago i thought - "Isn't our brain so much like the computer? Even though we have the capability to remember everything we've seen till now, there is still that small chance that we forget most of the things too." So i decided - There've been many good, No, GREAT memories in my life. Most of them i want to retain. Most of them i want to cherish again, 1 year from now. 2 years from now, Forever. So then i thought - where can i store these memories? Its not like i am a wizard to take strands of memory and put it into a glass jar right? :) so i took to the only place i trusted to keep my information forever - Google. And here i am writing my blog to keep myself and my friends updated with who i am, what i do and what i shouldn't do. :)

So read On and hope you enjoy it :D

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