Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FRIENDS :) Part 3 of i dont know how many more :D

I left off at sam the last time.. So now its time to move on :)

The next on my list is


Firstly, He's one of the best singers i've seen out there :D his high pitches and his voice is the best for reaching harmony. Secondly, He's a great friend. He's a very quite guy usually but as they say - He's a silent killer :P He's my fellow idea bouncer along with Alfy.. I just love going up to him and just blabber crap about the problems i have and eventually after 15 mins of bla bla bla, either i'd realize what wrong i was doing or he'll stop me and point it out :D The only thing with this guy and Sam is that they are from Africa and they will be going back after their UG here :| and that is not very good news :( but i know that the bond that we've formed is something that can't be that easily broken by distance!! This guy is so much fun to hang around with and he's always loaded with his usual Logical thinking brain and his "other" side :)

He's the one that inspired me to read more in SQL
He's the one that motivated me to study french
He's the one that made me understand how Flip Flops actually work :D
He's the one who actually broke the computer into small fragments, oh wait, its always been like that :P i mean he's the one who actually made me understand that 1's and 0's are what truly form the computer
He's the one whose mouth i'd shut when he starts singing
He's the one who, as he claims, will steal my wife from me. LOL
He's the one that, by scoring great marks makes me hate him and in turn study too, so that i dont lose to him

He's just in a word - "Terence V Silonda"

My friend and friend for life :)

Varsha A.K.A Varsh \^^

Well honestly, my first impression of this girl was that she was this extremely arrogrant who was full of ego up to the brim, but alas, another example of how appreances can be deceptive and how one can form wrong first impressions.

I was wrong. To the core.

Varsh is this extremely sweet goil and she's a doll if you ask me :) she comes to college always on the right time and on the days of the exams, she has to be there an hour earlier. A senti freak like moi :D Oooh and she was the first to call me 'Shray'. I dunno what is there in it but it just feels so good when she calls me that :P We've always been these 2 people who Text like a LOTTT!!! and the texts must have a minimum of one motion enclosed in ** in it or else it aint a typical Varsh or a typical Shray texting each other. *Raises hand for a five with varsh* XD anyways varsh is a veally sweet friend of mine and i always have and always will cherish being around her. Even though we wont be sitting in the same class for the final year *pulls out hankey* :'( we still are going to be the same buddies as we were and that i'm sure of :D :D

Looking forward to the more years in which we hopefully will have great memories that we can look on to later in our lives varsh !

We always will be that 'Varsh-Shray' who text with ** no matter who comes and goes. No matter what happens :) Thats a promise from my side Varsh

*Gibs her a hug*

well thats it for now i guess :D

Wait for the next part. The part where i reveal the Near-Main character of our life @ Loyola College…

Till then, Keep your pants on :D


  1. hey! nice post... lol loved the last point of the first part... im sure everyone has people like that :D for all you know you might get mentioned under that category somehwere else...

    And whoooaaa... gimme a hifi man... the **'s are one of my faves too... lends a sense of action to the conversation dunnit? :)

  2. hehe... yes yes ! the **'s are the coolest !

    *high five*



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