Friday, May 22, 2009

A tribute to an old pal

I'd love to ask everyone who is reading this post to go over here and read the whole thing. I dunno why but something in that post just spoke to me.

There have been times when i have gone thro such days, weeks and sometimes (i ain't exaggerating) even months. But i'm proud to say i've always come out of it and maybe i always had that auto driver in my head to tell me to see the silver lining.

That blog btw is written by my friend Deepti :) and from that post itself, everyone and i can truly say - "She is one heck of a writer" :D

Love your blog Dee :)

Ps: what happened to that post ? :P

Ooh and super Ps: just felt like making something after i read that post, so decided i'd make you a new banner for your blog ^^ use it if it touches your heart ! :D If you want any changes, do ask me ^^ (click on it to enlarge)

Have fun :D

final Ps: ok i'll stop with this :P , know that there is always a Silver Lining :)


so, whaddu you want to say ?