Saturday, April 3, 2010


8 11 24 25 33 39 151
Random numbers .

But 3 years ago - They started to mean something. They were associated.
8 was Alfy
11 was Andrew
24 was me
25 was jerry
33 was vivek
39 was terry
and 151 was sam

From then on, we lived in this college with those numbers. We were identified by them. Caught by them. Praised by them.
Now, 15 days later, these numbers will sink into the books of loyola college as just some people who came, studied and left.
But for us, these numbers will always hold meaning. They will carry with them, the memories associated with our days at college - All the class bunking, all the give life laughs, all the voice over for our teachers, all the boob talks, all the everything.

So guys, never forget these numbers. They were us. They remind us of who we were in those 100 acres of land. They made us who we are.

8 11 24 25 33 39 151
NOT Random numbers . Identities!


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