Friday, April 16, 2010

Tch Tch

20 yrs in the making patenly waitin,
while tryin so hard its finaly ova, done contemplating.
this time its not to be continued ,the curtain has closed,
no encore no finale the moment is over .
lemme hear u say that was tight,
the stories the memories laid down in black n white were right ,
the whole time all the ideas plaguing in our heads,
the concepts the theories now all are burnt dead .
its over its time lets fakin forget!
lose our minds run free ,run wild to tomorrow
screw the pain fak the sorrow.
the past is gone hell the future aint close
the moment is now ,wat we wanted the most !
learnt lessons we remember ,some choose to forget
meeting all u mofos i aint gonna regret.

~peace \/ ~ Alfy

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