Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 days of pause and 2 stories to tell

its not often that somedays mean something. Its not often that someone inspires you so much that you think of what you're currently doing.

Today, was one such non-often day. And so was yesterday and the day before just that i didnt realize it.

on 11th i have my exam , exam? not really .. more like exams! 2 of them to be precise but here i am, so bloody happy and writing this experience of mine when some peoples will argue that i should just shut the laptop and go study, Meh. Buzz off (those) peoples.

It all started off with a requirement. Like anything else, like any software program, like any thing that requires some work. The requirement was a video that had to be made. For a promotional purpose. And i, was chosen to be the lead and being frank, at first i wasn't very excited.

And in came 'someone' and his team. For all intents and purposes, let us just call him - Mr. M. He prposed an idea that took me aback and that 'first-not-being-excited' me was completely replaced by 'second-excited-and-nothing-more' me. For security reasons (i never thought that i'd ever say stuff like this :P) i cannot disclose the video or the idea.

But what i'm going to tell you is more that just about a video or an idea. Its what they call a 'life story'


Before that. In codetalk, you saw a passion of mine. There is one more that i haven't spoken about - Media - Photography, videography, graphic designing and things on those same lines. Now i'm saying all this so easily because the 'life story' is something that makes all these passions of mine smaller than ever.


Coming back. 3 days of shooting with Mr. M, as awesome as they were wasn't even as close to awesome as those 20 minutes in the luxury of the Honda Civic. He runs a video production company in Bangalore and is one of the most successful corporate film makers and in my view, is just plain vanilla awesome!

With him, he had 2 stories to tell me . And i, was just rethinking everything by the time he finished. I hope it is not copyright problems Mr. M but i am going to tell them these 2 stories.


Story #1

How dedicated do you think you are ? How much do you BELIEVE you can achieve ? How much do you think you've already achieved ? How much do you think that you've achieved that you're proud of . If you're reading this, then the answer to all those questions is - NOTHING.

Mr. M has had this company for over 20 odd years and 10 years ago , along came a night watchman from an agency . Regular old night watchman putting pegs, chasing dogs, knowing no englist, going to sleep.

But 10 years later today . He stands to be the backbone of Mr. M's company.
And 10 years later today . He was appraised by his boss as "It would fall without him ya"
And 10 years later today . He was dedicated enough 10 years ago to bother as to what was happening inside the place he was watchman-ing and not just care about the night.
And 10 years later today . He can converse with the clients in pure english and handle things by himself.
And 10 years later today . A man who used to probably walk/bus in to work, has bought himself a bike that he can use.
And 10 years later today . An ex-night-watchman, nay a professional video editor takes care of his brothers studies and has got his sister married.

And i ask you once again 10 seconds after you've read all that

"have you done anything that is significant?"

think about it.


Story #2

He started off with a video library renting out tapes that he went up to Delhi to buy.

He moved in to videographing birthdays and weddings

He started off a little by little and moved into the professional way of doing things

He has done linear editing with 2 tape reels and editing MANUALLY.

He has done graphics with "4" colours, yes not 4k or 4B or 4M colours , just FOUR.

He is one of the most renounced corporate film makers now.

He was with me for the past 3 days.

He is Mr. M

There is no limit to what i learnt over these 3 days . There is no limit to what i will be learning more from you .


I'm afraid i have to say that he tipped my interests 51% to 49% in favour of Media over Programming.

Lets see if that still stays by me or someone else comes by me to make that a 50% 50% like how it was till the civic ride.


I'd just like to say Kudos to you Mr. M and thanks for everything.

It was a pleasure shooting with you and learning from you .

Mr. M, i salute thy !

m(_ _)m

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  1. Awesomest blog i have come across, damn inspiring.. :)) one of the best i have seen in a long time.. Hats of to MR.M and to u for the way u have presented the story.. HI 5 2b :):)

    FYI- teach me wat he has taught u bitch:D


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