Saturday, August 27, 2011


Some people go out in search of it
Some people cannot stand it
and worst of all , there are people like me , who cannot live without it .

Some people wait for that Kuch Kuch hota hai moment and some people try to make every moment spent on this earth hoping to do 'kuch kuch' for someone else :)

Thats just the way the world works .

If you are working , and i read this somewhere , they say "Quit your job if you wouldn't do what you're doing now for free."

I guess , in a way .. they're talking about love too , right ?

When i'm writing a program . I make sure that i am writing it because i want to and not because i have to and that i understand the purpose behind it. I make sure that i am writing it not because i can but because writing that program accomplishes something.

I guess , in a way .. thats talking about love too , right ?

When i'm shooting a photo i make sure that the frame is right , that the model (if any) is standing in the right place and that he/she adds to the picture and that he/she isn't just standing there for the oomph effect . After the picture is taken , i post process it and get what i truly wanted out of what i saw in my mind .

I guess , in a way .. thats talking about love too , right ?

Me? I believe in love . I believe that there is that one person out there for me . I believe that one day , i would choose her over myself because 1. i'm a hopeless romantic and 2. simply because she would mean that much to me .

Of course when we talk about love . I should point out here that we all (at least mostly) were born in this world owing to love (also called arranged marriage at that time) and that i'm able to sit here and type this out all because of the love that 2 people have given to me throughout their life - My mom and My dad.

I learnt how much a husband can love his wife
I learnt how much a wife , irrespective of never accepting, loves her husband to bits
I learnt how much most important of all , we all need to value that love

Some of us would say that our parents have done their duties in bringing us up to a extent where i can write this and where you can understand it, but to them its like they've done such a small thing .

This evening , i asked my mom to make me breakfast tomorrow morning so that i could take it to office (my friends really like her cooking) and she smilingly asked me .. 20 phulkas enough ? Thats such a small task for her to do for my sake . A tear rolled down my eye and i covered it up with laughter .

I guess , in a way .. thats talking about love too , right ?

DAMN right it is .

They taught us how to walk
They taught us not to stick our fingers into our mouths
They taught us how to say FAN
They taught us how to behave
They taught us ..
They taught us the most important thing ,
They taught us how to love.

And in my case , I wish for one thing .

I wish that the person whom i love , i can love as much as my dad loves my mom .
I wish that the person whom i love , loves me as much as my mom loves my dad .
I wish that the person whom i love , is as happy as my parents are with each other .

Staying away from the people i love for the past year has belted into me a lot of lessons .

In accordance to that , i would say "Note to self: Please Dont rely on that to learn their value ."

Because what begins , must end
Because even though void main() begins with a { it does also end with a }
Because though the 2012 thing is crap , we will die .

I do not want to cry for people after they are dead , i spoke about this to someone a long time ago and said i WOULDN'T CRY but i guess i've lost that bet now . I know i will , but i DONT WANT TO.

I guess , in a way .. thats talking about love too , right ?

I want to value you when you are alive . At least then i can tell you how much you mean to me.

THIS IS in DEDICATion TO all those Morons who'vE understOod me and can bear to live with me in this World.

I love you.


  1. Excellent bro :) You have that talent to hit the nail on its head !
    Especially the killer line
    'I guess , in a way .. thats talking about love too , right ?'

  2. Bro, u have grown up.... thts all i can say..

  3. A really 'love'ly read. The writing seems to have matured. There is a genuine warmth in your writing. Good work.

  4. Love your expression. You have qualities of an Author. Try your hand writing a book. Love U. Dad

  5. Thanks dad :D

    Maybe sometime down the line , i will :)

    love you too,


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