Monday, December 31, 2012


Remember MMXL? I wrote it 2 years ago. If you dont remember , click here.

Anyway here goes,

2 years have passed since i last wrote about who i am / what i do. Has anything really changed? Have things become better? Have things become worse? Whatsup?

I think over the past 2 years i've learnt more about what the world is about and how people are but more importantly i think i've learnt more about how i fit into this world and how i am and how people are towards me.

I'm very lucky because i have a bunch of *wonderful* friends.. These i know are those bunch of people who will stand behind me even if 34 people are against me. And i trust them. I think in these 2 years my relationship with each one of them has taught me so much more that i could have learnt on my own — Humility, Creativity, Relationships, Standing up for your beliefs, Composure, Love and lots more.

I've learnt that code is my calling. I want to write code for another good n years in my life. Not because i want to learn a 100 different languages but simply because i think writing code makes me happy and writing code makes me want to write more code. My idea of a perfect vacation is a beach, some cold water and my laptop. In that setting, i could most probably create history.

This is also something that i want to learn in my next year. I say i want to create history but i also say that i can do this only on my perfect vacation. This is something that i'm really looking to change. I want to be able to step out of my comfort zone and do things that need to be done from my side. I dont have vim? no problemo, Notepad++ would do. I want to be able to eat things that i usually do not eat simply because i haven't eaten them for so long. Getting out of your comfort zone and being able to do those things allows you to create a comfort zone whereever you wish so and that woould be a great tool at your disposal.

I've learnt that photography is not about sporting a 7D or having a funky f1.2 lens. Photography is *ALL* about the moment and how you see it. You dont need some fancy equipment (although it surely does help) in order to get what is in your head out on to a picture. What it takes is dedication and the ability to constantly keep that image in your head till you get it out on print. Thats what photography is about, not the shutter speed, not the aperture, not the depth of field but all about the moment and how you are part of that moment

I've learnt that relationships are extremely hard to maintain and sustain. It takes a lot of hard work in order to keep functional and meaningful relationships with people you care about. I've committed some rather big blunders in my relationships with people and i felt like an ass later. But taking a step back and looking at my mistakes i realize they all had something common in them — I went back. I did what was required of me. Why? All because that relationship meant a lot to me. Because i wanted to sustain. Even though some of these mistakes i've committed time and again , i just hope that those people too realize that they are important to me (contrary shit, i know)

I've learnt that literature is very very key. Its absolutely not enough if you just have some programming knowledge (in my case). Whats more important is your understanding of how things were done and how things *CAN* be done in the right way. This has increased my belief in the *RIGHT* way thinking of mine (sorry alfy)

I've started to enjoy nature more. The cold mornings, the colder nights, the beautiful sunsets and the sunrises. They all seem way more nicer over the past 2 years. I think nature has a way with every single person and takes its own sweet time to pull them into its clutches. My clutch was one single inccident enroute to nuwara eliya, SL sometime this year

Just this year there was loss as well. Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, and many many more. Crazy year. They were people who i looked up to and admired. Gone. Apple's keynotes wont ever be the same to me again sans Jobs and i wouldn't have ever loved to program as much as i do right now if it were not for Mr. Dennis' wonderful C. In line with Jobs, I too am a person with a messiah complex and I will change the world. But that for sure will not be easy. I realize this all right now. Efforts are required. Efforts will be put. The world needs an imprint of me.

We all live in society, over the past 2 years i've tried to help out in any which way that i can. Just because we're well off it doesnt mean that we need to overlook the dirty things that are happening around us. I've decided that i will try and help out the society in whatever possible way from my side. Bribe and corruption sure do suck but its not like i can do anything being a shitty programmer is what would have been my thinking. But i've realized that theres a lot that can be done from each individual's side when it comes to getting shit done. Not only in regards to bribe or corruption but in all society helping factors. I'm going to look out for it. I'm going to try.

2 years is a hell of a long time. Theres a lot i've learnt. Theres a lot to learn. I'll get there.

2012 get the fuck out. Bring it on 2013. Lets see how much you can change me and how much i can change the world.

Peace and love.


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