Friday, March 20, 2009

19th March 2009

My Birthday and the day that will go down as one of the best days of my life. It all started off @ 12:00 with calls and text's pouring in ! And calls and texts were from totally unexpected people.

I was happy. I was amazed. I was astonished.

Usually i'm a person who doesn't expect anything from anybody. I'm just happy if something happens, and today 'Happiness' isn't enough a word to tell the world how happy people have made me.

I truly didn't know i meant so much to so many people.

"Best" ? you may ask. Let me tell you why. Which pack or pride or litter of idiots would do this for you on your birthday:

1. Act like they got nothing for my birthday (which i saw thro :P)
2. Strap a plastic thingie around my index finger so tight that my finger became black.
3. Make me to get a Veg Puff & a Donut and by the time i turn around, they have a great cake waiting for me
4. Customize a T-Shirt just for me, using things that define me
5. Gift me a box filled with newspapers :D oh well, benith them there was a little something(s) :P
6. And completely understand when i tell them that i wouldn't be able to treat them that day.

1 answer - FRIENDS. Idiots from my college literally killed me,
brought me back to life, and gave me the best day of my life.
The 19th of March, 2009 :)

This excitement i cannot explain. This feeling i cannot express Why do i mean so much to them? why do they do this for me? is it love? naa, i dont think so. One of them wants me dead so that he can come first in class. The others i don't know. Maybe, just maybe they feel the same way i do. Maybe they too feel that this might actually go somewhere. Maybe they feel we all are 'Nakama'

This day - The 19th of march 2009. 7 people made me realize i was not
alone. Made me realize the importance of the word - 'Nakama'.
That even though some want me dead, We would always be together, as
friends and mortal enemies. Even though some may not be within reachable
distance. We were, and will always be 'Nakama'.

The names of these 7 people i would love to mention. In alphabetical order

1. Alfy
2. Andrew
3. Bharat
4. Jerry
5. Sam
6. Terry
7. Vivek

I would just love to tell them one thing. This thing i've screwed people for saying. But i guess since i'm typing this at 11:40 and its still the 19th of march (my birthday), i can do anything and they can't question me. I would like to say to them this -
"Thank you"
"Nakama's forever"


ps: Click the pic for a larger view


  1. wats a NAKAma O_o

    is it like tht hindi song

    "nikama kiya is dill ne "


  2. I suppose Nakama means friends... Gotta say, that's a nice pic we took!!! :-) :-)

  3. bharath got possesed in the middle of the pic XDXDXD

  4. nakama is something that can't be explained its somewhere between family and friends

  5. nice pic dude
    sorry about the plastic around ur finger thing



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