Friday, March 20, 2009

A Special Mention.

I dedicate this post to one idiot who made the 19th so special to me.

This idiot, i needn't introduce to the followers of this blog.
He's the guy that i introduced first.
The guy who i would never consider my wingman.
The guy who i can proudly say i want to kill.

- Alfy.

I'm pretty sure you took the t-shirt for printing, got the idea of the choco's in the dabba and did at least 85% of the work.

You're one of the craziest idiots i've ever met. And
You're one of the greatest idiots i've ever met too.

whatever you are, whereever you are, you'll always be my bro.

For what all you did for me i won't say anything. I just would say
1 thing -

"Baka" you made me happy.


so, whaddu you want to say ?