Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road to the end.

i = 16;

the Cons,
the shitscussions,
the pranks,
the discussions,
the aaha phonecalls,
the brainstorming,
the arch way talks,
the windows insulting,
the widening of scope variables,
the "i didnt expect this of you" phrases,
the "fcuk you sham",
the "wat man",
the sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver,
the weather clauses,
the crappy professor english,
the laughing with a kerchif on the mouth,
the below the table card tricks,
the "bro, cover for me, i'll be late - Tell him i'm in the toilet" times,
the Appy rush,
the LMN hate,
the muta puff love,
the department festival organization rush,
all the overall trophies,
the JAM warming the seat jokes,
the mispronounced english,
the grammar correction sessions with a beating to follow,
the random facts out of the air,
the "i know" declarations,
the crazy rush for record submissions close to the end of the semester,
the BCA's being called BSC's,
the random thoughts out of our heads,
the extent of grossness in those thoughts,
the extreeeemely boring foundation courses,
but an interesting trip to the zoo,

so many more memories
so little i can remember.
in fifteen it'll all be over.
these days we will get back - never.

Loyola was awesome owing to you guys -




Its time. The curtains are closing and theres nothing we can do about it.
No more cons. This time, it really is over.



  1. ey..its wild really is coming to a halt mate.
    no more angel spotting
    no more manga drawing in french class
    no more City Center hang outs....oh snap!
    so if ya'll gat something to say, say it now!

  2. i know mate. Its wiold.
    its the end.
    just feels like a start ey


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