Saturday, October 23, 2010

The walk out and the 7 hour tale.


we start of today , expecting it to be the usual saturday .

I lazed around. Got up by 6:45 and lazed around more and finally forced myself into the bathroom by 7 for a 7:30 cab to office.

we expected 4 hours of math only to find that one of the most incompetent teachers stand in front of class before we got in.

our names he called . As i searched, i saw a happy 36 on the paper and so did the others. We got some corrections done on Zum's and Bash's paper and did the one best thing of the day.

we took my camera bag .. and walked out.

"The Walk Out"

Thus started the 7 continuous hours of bunkage. We started off sitting in the balcony of the 2nd floor block , talking , reminiscing and just listening to songs.
*click click*

Which was then followed on by a move to the 1st floor and talks about first impressions of the others and some Elaichi tea, Green Tea and some Badam Milk.

*more boredom*

Which was then followed by random moving around in the block (thanks to some 2 peoples who didnt get their IDs), stinks, laughs and more moving around

*stomach growls*

Food. Food. Food. we went.

*bad expression*

Food ? Food ? Food ? We went.

Current time - 2:00 PM ; No. Of hours bunked = 4 + 1Hr Lunch ; Next Class = POM ; Duration = 2 Hours ;


DP: Lets go.
Kee: No.
S Kun: No.
Gugu: No.
Bash: *in the bus*
Rd: *in another world*
Zum: *in another world*

DP: Lets go.
Kee: Lets play some game na
S Kun: *starts playing with his cards*
Gugu: *Calls his brother*

DP: Coming or not, i'm going.
Kee: Hey lets play 'andhar baahar'
S Kun: Hey guys, new trick check it out *shows*
Gugu: "OK, will call you later kano. bye"

DP: meh. *sits, angry*
Kee + S Kun + Gugu: *start playing andhar baahar sitting on the floor of SAP labs*

List of games played in Next 2 hours:
Catch the card
Paper Ball Cricket
Paper Chur Chand
Dumb C
Hide from the professor whos class you just bunked

End Result: FUN.

"The 7 Hours"

--part 2 coming up--


  1. reminds me of my bunking days in college ;) nice one _skun :)

  2. AH... !!!
    i will never forget that day :)


  3. Oh, i missed out on the fun!


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