Thursday, November 4, 2010


if there is 1 thing i havent written about in here .

it is the 1 thing that i love doing the most.

it is the 1 thing that i've neglected

simply because i know i'm really good at it.

simply because we're obstructed by boundaries

simply because i have no whiteboard

i write this at 1:30 . at one of the most productive times in my day . at one of the most productive times in our day.

our ?

well , theres one other person that i expect to read this post. theres one other person who is as passionate as i am. and yes i've only seen one other person.

theres a passion we share.
theres a light that burns somewhere.
theres a place we need to get to
and that place is yet to be seen too.

but get there we will
simply because we know we will
and fuck you all we say
because we know that we'll stay

we live in different place
we live in different companies
and we do different things

but somehow it seems as if there is this 1 thing that we were meant to do together

but lets keep that talk for another day.

if there is 1 thing i havent written about in here .

means that i treasure that thing the most .

but something today made me to write it .. and i think i'm gona come out and say it ..

Many people , many readers of this post might at this point of time think that i'm jsut another guy who lives his life.

but i beg to differ.

i am not just another guy
i just act like one.

simply because it aint time to tell you all who i am .
and the other part of 'our' know who i truly am .

why you may say ?

Many people, many readers of this post might at this point of time think that he is just another guy who lives his life.

but he begs to differ

he is not just another guy.
he just acts like one.

thats why i say .


i dont know how far before. But there was one point of time that among the people i respect , my dad showed me this line of code. This programming language that seemed to interest me .

This #
this includes
and this main()

something there .. was my calling .

something there .. was my life.

something there .. made me who i am today .

i dont really know what i saw in that but the amount of things you can do with those predefined set of statements is something truly amazing .

But there are restrictions - the boundaries we cant jump over.

we're forced into 1 way .
we're forced into a way that they claim has been perfected.
we're forced into 3d id cards
and we're forced into bad interfaces .

we already know who we're talking about.


What is so confusing in this ? My dad asked .

I said . "This functions aint even getting in to my head!"

today ,

its what i use the most .

Modularization is one of my most favourite concepts.

oh hell ya . code


I'm not sure when you got this nac of yours from

maybe its from getting the 10 Rupees and telling your dad that if there is less that 3 Rs left over , its yours .. else it'll be given back to him

today ,

thats still what you do .

Make deals

oh hell ya . Talk.


Encryption , cryptography and writing something thats really hard to understand have always fascinated me ..

Hell even this post is cryptographic .

But who needs to .. will know what i mean and will know whats going in mah head right now.

darn it .

i so wish i had 9840024961 and a whiteboard. an actual one.


screw them
screw them

we'll walk alone

and i'm sure more'll join

i'm sure that there are people who think like us . who act like us simply cause society has put hurdles on their paths too.

lets break em open.

lets talk them out of it .

or lets GOTO them to a different place.

lets start at 0

lets go to qswawdes.

maybe not now .

because now is still too early for us to GOTO and to talk .

lets start slow .

lets start patiently .

but let it be us.

like i already said

we is who we were meant to be.


what do you say?

nevermind_a ?

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